Team Member Application

  • Preferred Schedule

  • Educational Background:

  • Employment History:(List in order, last or present employer first, and account for last 10 years)

  • Next Previous Employer

  • Next Previous Employer

  • I hereby declare that all statements contained in this application are true and correct and understand that false or inaccurate information in the application will be the basis for termination. I hereby authorize Captain Jay’s Fish & Chicken to investigate my background inclusive of criminal and verify this information. I understand that if employed, my employment will not be for any fixed period of time and may be terminated by the company at any time. I also authorize Captain Jay’s Fish & Chicken to release the information contained herein and its finding and work history of my employment to other forms or persons upon request. I also understand and agree that I may be expected to work on a wide variety of job assignments and agree to accept assignments for which I am qualified as they become available. I also understand my failure to report to Captain Jay’s Fish & Chicken for work will indicate I have quit. I also agree to submit to drug screen upon request.